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The Tan Jackets + Sista Bossen

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

Sat 30 Sep
9:00 pm

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Hello. We’re The Tan Jackets. You may have seen us over the past few years in your local bar trippin’ over all your favorite rock ‘n’ roll twisters. We play Rock And Roll music, it is true! What else is true is that we have been kicking out the jams in style since about 2014. Featuring such

names of various sizes as ‘Caoilian’, ‘Cathal’, ‘Dan’, ‘Solamh’ and ‘Shane’ and instruments which are the ones usually used in Rock And Roll , It has been claimed that we inspire audiences to have just a little bit too much fun, while doing all of their favourite dances, and this is also probably true. Having laid out the facts it is now time for you to make an informed opinion about why in the world you wouldn’t go and let us enjoy the music to you the first chance you get. Regards.

Sista Bossen

Explosive party-grunge-punk Sista Bossen has become synonymous with extremely high-energy performances, earning them a reputation of hardly touching the ground when playing live!

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Sista Bossen was formed by five friends back in 2014, and has so far released two full albums plus an EP via Swedish label Kollektivet Records + Danish label Crunchy Frog, who is also behind the band's 2022 + 2023 releases 'Ping-Pong'! Sista Bossen has previously played at fx Danish Roskilde Festival, SPOT festival, Loppen, Radar, Høst Møn and Northern Winter Beat, Norwegian Fres Festival, as well as Swedish Plan B, Malmöfestivalen and Debaser Strand.

In their own words:

“Sista Bossen is a bit like your younger sibling trying to gain your attention. It's loud, desperate and weird, but somewhere deep down where your little dark heart is supposed to be found, there's a tiny fragment of love clinging on. What started off as skumpunk developed into knastrock which then again grew into birthday party grunge. It's simply fast, like a bike ride steeply downhill while still pedalling like crazy. When it's not fast (it mostly is) it feels like lying naked on a Tempur mattress.

All of this is topped off with straight-forward, unpolished lyrics either shouted out as if to quiet down a stormy Öresund sea, or whispered out softly as by a skylark sitting on your shoulder. However, why listen to a band text filled with broken metaphors when you can experience it for yourself!? Most people have liked it so far, except for one really grumpy hard rocker one time in Gothenburg. But he was really grumpy.”


"Svenskerpunk i smækbukser - fem meter over scenegulvet"

— GAFFA (Roskilde Festival 2018) ? ? ? ?

“Natten til mandag blev den karakteristiske tipi, der udgør Rising-scenen, omdannet til et klatrestativ af Hampus Sünden. Forsangeren i det skånske band Sista Bossen var her, der og alle vegne [...] og sang i virkeligheden det meste af koncerten hængende fra oppe fra scenekonstruktionen.”

— Undertoner ?????

"Bandets attityd är smittande och inspirerande. Varje arrangör bör dock vidta vissa försiktighetsåtgärder. Skruva fast det som kan välta, annars är risken stor för framtida benbrott eller liknande. Se till att det inte finns några lösa föremål på eller runtomkring scenen – sångaren och frontmannen Hampus Sundén kommer att utnyttja varje kvadratcentimeter!" — HYMN

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