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The Tan Jackets

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

Sat 16 Mar
10:30 pm

Hello. We’re The Tan Jackets. You may have seen us over the past few years in your local bar trippin’ over all your favorite rock ‘n’ roll twisters. We play Rock And Roll music, it is true! What else is true is that we have been kicking out the jams in style since about 2014.

Featuring such names of various sizes as ‘Caoilian’, ‘Cathal’, ‘Dan’, ‘Solamh’ and ‘Shane’ and instruments which are the ones usually used in Rock And Roll , It has been claimed that we inspire audiences to have just a little bit too much fun, while doing all of their favourite dances, and this is also probably true.

Having laid out the facts it is now time for you to make an informed opinion about why in the world you wouldn’t go and let us enjoy the music to you the first chance you get. Regards.

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