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Papertrail and Ian O' Doherty

Coughlans, Douglas St.

Thu 9 Jul 2015
9:00 pm

The art should always be of more interest than the artist. Nevertheless, in creating, one leaves behind a papertrail; a series of clues leading to the heart and soul of who’s at the controls. If that happens to be a humdrum, prosaic and generally unremarkable human being, it should be no surprise, no disappointment. At some point their heart swelled and they were moved to document in abstract something otherwise inexpressible, and that in turn stirred something in you. An immutable connection. Songwriters write songs, and most of them hope that someone, somewhere will make that connection. Patrick and Muireann (who share a birthday, among other coincidences) sing together because it helps them to transcend the white noise of everyday life and offers a brief glimpse at answers to some of the difficult questions that we all ask ourselves from time to time. This is music written, arranged and performed with great thought and care from a position of honesty and vulnerability by people who have the utmost respect for the craft and its power. No cover charge!

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