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C.L.M.F.'16- Lisa O' Neill and Anna Mitchell (Sold Out)


Fri 23 Sep 2016
8:00 pm

Coughlans Live Music festival '16 Lisa O' Neill & Anna Mitchell.


On her way to heaven, Lisa O’Neill hit “a pothole in the sky.” And so it begins, a perfect way to start this tale, this journey, this album. Because all great things and all great art usually stem from a bump in the road, or a pothole in the sky. This is Lisa O’Neill third album, following a witty and charming debut (This Is An Album), and an altogether more serious follow-up (Same Cloth or Not) that marked her a serious artist, a contender, a voice, a forked tongue. And now Potholes in the Sky, the artistic leap that had to be taken. And oh boy has she taken it. These are wonderfu and, unique songs, full of the glorious individual word-play that could only come from the pen of O’Neill.


“★ ★ ★ ★If David Lynch were to reset Blue Velvet in the wilds of West Cork, then Anna Mitchell’s evocative, dark songs of life and love’s painful kiss would sit well on the soundtrack. ”

— The Irish Times

“... hauntingly beautiful” — RTE

“Stark and startling, love, loss, hope and desperation are all explored” — Irish Mirror

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