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Sun 19th Aug
Ringo Music Bingo - For Chef Ken Heff Fund
6 pm, FREE
Ringo Music Bingo with Ronan Leonard. More information on the cause is here. https://www.gofundme.com/a-fight-to-live-and-love ____________________________________ While it is of course a tough situation and not to be laughed at, I'll be putting on a comedy evening to try and raise a few quid As it stands Cork are still potentially in the All-Ireland Final that afternoon, but the overall plan is to do a few rounds of Ringo: Music Bingo from 6pm-ish till 10pm, so people can pop in and out as they want in 40ish minute bursts. There'll be 80s music round, 90s music, Movie & TV theme tunes, 1 hit wonders & some general ones.